The Verandah in the Forest - Ideal For Film Shoots

Like the winged-horse Pegasus, a lovely white mansion sprawls over a heavily foliaged area of Matheran. The piece-de-resistance at the Verandah, the place which sees the Verandah’s guests assemble at the start and end of each day, is its hexagonal verandah – roomy, airy and spaciously set. There are planter chairs to lounge about in, wicker rocking chairs and chaise longues. You can easily get the feeling of being at an old English Club, where burra sahibs were served by liveried staff.
Upper Crust Magazine

We stepped into Captain Barr’s ex-residence through the side of the verandah. This verandah was the verandah to end all verandahs. It was the type of verandah that wanted you to play corridor cricket on it. But “The Verandah in the Forest”, as it is also called, at first glance, was not the sort of hotel where you play corridor cricket!
Ashima Narain


Outlook Traveller

If one ever designed to live the life of a Merchant Ivory film this is the place to come....!
Anay & Gul Goswamy


Mumbai, India

Amongst the many styles of architecture of the various Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ Hotels is The Verandah in the Forest which dates back to the 19th century. Art treasures, antiques, chaises, diwans, and old photographs – of Parsis and the Dubash family revive an authentic scent of the old Parsi lifestyle in Matheran making it the ideal choice for discerning directors that endeavour to portray history.

The forest that surrounds the premises offers ample opportunities for outdoor shots without any external disturbances and vast opportunities for creative directors who can adapt their locales with an inventive imagination. A good time to shoot is during the monsoon season in July and August.