• I hope you will lodge at The Verandah in the Forest, the old Dubash Bungalow exquisitely restored by Neemrana Hotels. A long veranda, finely patterned, runs the length of the property. There are plantation chairs and circular tables where you can sit and look out through the trees. The rooms are large and airy, their restoration thoughtful and generous, the old teak four-poster beds summoning up another era. Under a huge vaulted ceiling a dining table decked with silver candelabras seats 24.... The food at The Verandah in the Forest is delicious, the service understated, and before other guests notice your presence and try to engage in banter, try to arrange for a torch and go for a stroll around the estate (four acres, giant trees, a tennis court fallen to disuse). Sit on a hammock, it is likely you will have company: fireflies in their thousands, irradiating the dark like constellations of longing.....

    Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

    Condé Nast Traveller
  • We had a very relaxing and wonderful stay. The peace, tranquillity and history of The Verandah in the Forest will be forever remembered by us. Our only regret is that two nights were not enough. Will definitely return.

    Dean & Alice Morrison

  • This was an amazing 40th birthday, and the hotel is always a great experience. I have been so often in 2.5 years it feels like a home away from home!

    Anita Patel

    Mumbai & UK
  • Great place for short walks to fantastic viewing points. We would love to return to this tranquillity.

    Elliot Owen

    Mumbai & UK
  • A welcome oasis in the travelling itinerary – loved the wildlife around us and the misty atmosphere on the Verandah as the rains formed waterfalls off the roof. A delight! Tea on the verandah in the monsson rain was great fun! Great staff, dodgy monkeys, funny chipmunks, great time. A lovely step back in time – so tranquil. Many thanks.


    London, UK
  • We had a wonderful time. Warmly welcomed, pampered, fed with (too) delicious meals. Stunning surroundings, rare silence and peace. Special thanks to the monkey guard and the staff for their courteous and attentive service. The cook (and helpers) made a wonderful birthday cake...and others helped us with composing a Bollywood short for our daughter’s birthday. Thank you, thank you!

    Michael & Denise Moys

    Johannesburg, South Africa
  • A rare place. The worlds are not enough to describe. Pollution, noise free ambience. “Silence” what we miss in other parts of the country. Having travelled to Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Lake District – I find solace only here. Staff, food, service all superb. Keep it up. Would definitely come again & again.


    New Delhi, India
  • After a few days in Mumbai, The Verandah was another nice place, peaceful and charming!

    Blanc Zean-Marc

  • Wow!! Heavy hearts again as we leave the Verandah, our ‘HOMEL’. We were here to enjoy the rains and we sure did!! What a beautiful location to welcome the South-West Monsoons. The birds were our companions, and the clouds our abode. We want to say kudos to your very trained staff.

    Deepak Sardesai

    Mumbai, India
  • We enjoyed our interlude at your “de-stressing” zone immensely. The service was attentive and cheerful and the food was great!! We will most definitely visit again.

    Anita Shukla

    Mumbai, India